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SBWPC is a member-focused organization. Members are welcomed and encouraged to become involved in SBWPC, for example, by joining one or more of our sub-committees, sponsoring or helping to organize/coordinate an event or fundraiser, supporting a candidate, working on a campaign or just talking to your friends or neighbors about SBWPC. There are as many ways to lend your energy and creativity to help accomplish social and political change as there are members, so please let us know how you would like to participate.

Membership has benefits. As a member, you will receive the SBWPC newsletter, receive all special bulletins and notices of SBWPC-sponsored programs – these are designed to keep you informed and politically active.  Also as a member, you may have the opportunity to select candidates for committee endorsement.  Membership dues go toward assisting candidates identified by the SBWPC as supportive of a feminist agenda.

If you prefer, you can print this membership form and mail it with your check for your annual fee to:

SBWPC, P.O. Box 90618, Santa Barbara, CA 93190-0618

All checks should be made out to “SBWPC”.

To contact us, click here.

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