Standing & Ad Hoc Committees

Members of the SBWPC are welcomed and encouraged to join one or more standing committees that help select candidates to endorse, host events, raise funds, and promote various SBWPC goals.

Attendance is open to all SBWPC members except where noted. Meeting dates and venues may change, so please contact the committee chair for details.

For additional information on our standing committees or ways to get involved, call 1-800-977-9348 or email

Executive Board

Prepares Board agendas and transacts business as authorized by the Board and organization By-Laws. Closed meeting. Catherine Swysen, Chair

Elections & Appointments

Identifies key elective and appointive offices that are vacant or soon-to be-vacant and supports efforts, including recommending sponsorship or endorsement of individuals sharing feminist values.  Examines  to which extent, if any, SBWPC will engage in California elections outside Santa Barbara County. Tish Gainey and Carol Keator, Co-Chairs. Contact Vicki Allen for more information about California engagement.

Candidate Development

Works to identify potential feminist women candidates for election or appointment, and to help them to develop campaign skills and political knowledge. Beth Schneider and Sandy Kievman, Co-Chairs

Fund Development

Develops fundraising strategies and plans fundraising events, which are then implemented by Board members and other volunteers. Carol Keator, Chair

Legislation & Advocacy

Tracks relevant legislation, advises on legislative actions, advocacy and outreach campaigns, tracks policy decisions and voting records on our elected representatives. Leslie Brtek and Pam Tambo, Co-Chairs.


Coordinates communications for the organization, including announcements of sponsored candidates and events, social media, publishes the SBWPC newsletter, and sends news releases to media and membership. Catherine Swysen and Anna Everett, Co-Chairs


Welcomes new members to the organization, carries out membership campaigns, and coordinates member services. EJ Borah and Sharon Hoshida, Co-Chairs

Young Feminist Committee

Works to increase young feminists’ awareness of and engagement in SBWPC’s mission and core values through fun monthly networking events designed to inform and activate participation in our local political process. Andria Cohen Martinez, Amanda Hsiung and Madison Cuneo, Co-Chairs

ERA Committee

Plans and strategizes for passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.  Lisa Guravitz and Kathy Burba, Co-Chairs