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Our Vision:

To achieve a society based upon the feminist values of social, political, racial and economic gender equality.

Our Mission:

As a non-partisan political action committee, the Santa Barbara Women's Political Committee endorses candidates who support its positions and promote a feminist agenda. SBWPC is committed to taking social action against discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age or ability. To promote and fund these goals, SBWPC provides such events as Candidate Development Workshops, Endorsement Meetings, Cosmopolitics, Presidents' Circle Luncheons, Community Outreach events and Educational Forums.

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2021 City of Santa Barbara Endorsements


On a recent local podcast, a well-known private developer and commenter on local politics was given a platform to share offensive and sexist viewpoints about women in leadership, condescendingly urging a local woman in elected office to "take a pause" on her career to focus on her children and husband. The following statement is issued in solidarity:

"Women belong at every table where decisions are being made -- and it is not up to men to be the arbiters of a woman’s personal decisions or ambitions. When women lead in government and other sectors, they are far more likely to work collaboratively and forge effective policies in support of the well-being of children, families and all people -- especially the most marginalized.

We stand with all women in our community and recognize that Black, Indigenous, Latina, and women of color are disproportionately impacted by sexism and barriers to leadership. Misogyny, in any form, has no home in Santa Barbara County. And no, the women of Santa Barbara will not take a pause."