2013 Endorsements

SBWPC Endorses…

Helene Schneider for Mayor, City of Santa Barbara
Janet Wolf for the 2nd District Supervisor, Santa Barbara County
Megan Diaz Alley for Santa Barbara City Council

SBWPC proudly endorses Helene Schneider for Mayor, City of Santa Barbara. In making the finding to re-endorse Mayor Schneider, the Board of the WPC cited her dedication to fiscal responsibility, providing of critical community services to residents, support of the arts and cultural programs and her clear and resounding voice on protecting the environment. The SBWPC Board also cited Mayor Schneider’s participation and leadership on issues of reducing gun violence in our community.

SBWPC proudly endorses Janet Wolf for 2nd District Supervisor, Santa Barbara County. In making its findings for re-endorsement, the Board cited Supervisor Wolf’s professionalism and indefatigable commitment to the community, women’s issues, gender balance and LGBT issues. They also cited her impressive support and action on environmental matters, health and human services, education and her reasoned and balanced approach to finances. Supervisor Wolf radiates effective decision-making and strong leadership.

SBWPC proudly endorses  Megan Diaz Alley for Santa Barbara City Council. The Board was impressed by Ms. Diaz Alley’s dedication to mentoring young women and her passionate and nuanced understanding of community issues ranging from homelessness, budgetary concerns and small-business ownership to access to affordable housing and safe, efficient transportation. She vigorously supports and implements the organization’s feminist values and has a strong background in environmental protection and community engagement. Ms. Diaz Alley brings with her a clear vision, sense of purpose and energy.

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