2016 Activity Report

In 2016, the Legislation & Advocacy did amazing work on your behalf under the leadership of Leslie Brtek:

CA legislature 2016 – bills tracked, supported via letter, and chaptered

SB1229 (Jackson, Stone) – Defines steps for secure collection and record keeping of pharmaceutical waste (drug take-back bins)

SB 1200 (Jackson) – Establishes minimum training standards for probation officers regarding link between animal cruelty and domestic violence. Also requires DOJ to include animal cruelty in annual crime report.

SB 999 (Pavley) – Health insurance must approve 12-month supply of contraceptives for women

SB 1375 (Jackson) – Title IX: Requires posting and contact information at schools and district/county offices’ web sites.

SB 1435 (Jackson) – Provides age-appropriate info. To younger children about healthy relationships; goal to develop healthy relationships & avoid assault and violence.

AB 2845 (Williams) – requires providing info/resources to grades 7-12 students who face bias based on religious affiliation; Dept. of Ed to assess local agencies.

AB 1676 (Campos, Gonzales) – Prohibits prospective employers from seeking past salary history.

CA legislature 2016 – bills tracked and chaptered

SB 1005 – Replace terms husband and/or wife with “spouse” in State documents

SB 869 – requires secure storage of handguns in vehicles of law enforcement officers

AB 1995 – Allows homeless youth enrolled in community colleges to use CC showers

AB 908 – disability compensation revised to strengthen family leave

AB 2139 – Requires State Water Resources Board to produce and publish annual report


L&A drafted 19 letters of support for 16 bills, of which 7 were chaptered.    L&A tracked an additional 5 bills which were chaptered and 12 which were not including 4 who were vetoed.