February 2023

January 2023 began as a stark reminder of how little we have accomplished in curbing the gun violence that has plagued our country and our state. It was also a reminder of how much farther we have to go. 40 mass shootings were committed and more than 60 people died.

While it was a coast-to-coast phenomenon, two of the deadliest shootings occurred here in California, just two days apart. We must continue to call upon our legislators to pass gun safety laws that protect communities and our families throughout our state and our nation. February is Black History Month, a month to celebrate the achievements of African Americans. This year the celebration takes on added significance as the movement to prohibit teaching or discussing race in our schools has picked up steam. According to Education Week, at least 42 states have passed or introduced legislation containing restrictions on talking about race in schools. For more information on Black History Month events intended to highlight and celebrate the accomplishments of the Black Community in our area check out JuneteenthSB.org.

March brings our next significant event thanks to the great efforts of our Past Presidents. Get your tickets now for the President’s Circle Luncheon on March 31. Campaign Communications Consultant Sarah Leonard Sheehan will be this year’s speaker and I suspect it will sell out quickly! Finally I’d like to thank all who came out to the 2023 SBWPC Annual Members Meeting on January 29th. It was a great turnout of our members committed to promoting the feminist agenda in our community. Personally I came away energized and motivated to get to work on improving the lives of women and other underrepresented populations. Thank you for all your work to that end and for your commitment to join together in our future endeavors.