2011-12 Endorsements

SBWPC endorses Joyce Howerton for the 4th Supervisorial District,
YES on Measures W and X, NO on Measure Y

At its Endorsement Meeting on April 11, 2012, the Board of Directors of the Santa Barbara Women’s Political Committee voted to endorse Joyce Howerton for the 4th Supervisorial District of Santa Barbara County, Yes on Measures W and X and No on Measure Y. The endorsement recommendations and votes were preceded by a presentation and complete reports by the SBWPC Candidate Assessment Teams (CATs).

The CAT which interviewed Joyce Howerton noted that she possesses a lengthy record of public & community service spanning several decades.  She served as a SEIU Union representative, protested war & anti-nuclear weapons as an activist and has served as a Board member for a number of organizations including BOCH, served as Mayor of Lompoc for more than 2 terms, and was a founding Board member of North County Rape Crisis & Child Protection Center as well as Domestic Violence Solutions.

The CAT that researched the Measures W and X noted that this is a “Living Endorsement” meaning that SBWPC’s the Legislation and Advocacy Committee will advocate for the funds to be used in Title 1 schools, but noted the funds are strongly correlated with SBWPC’s position paper on education and will be used well. The CAT which researched No on Measure Y noted that the proposal has significant environmental impacts and that the gift of public parkland to private development is not prudent or good precedent.

SBWPC endorses Das Williams, 37th State Assembly District, Doreen Farr, Santa Barbara County 3rd Supervisorial District  WIN!

Santa Barbara, CA — At its Endorsement Meeting on Feb 8, 2012 , the Board of Directors of the Santa Barbara Women’s Political Committee voted to re-endorse Das Williams for 37th State Assembly District and Doreen Farr for the 3rd Supervisorial District of Santa Barbara County.  The re-endorsement recommendations and votes were preceded by a presentation and complete report on interviews of the candidates by the SBWPC Candidate Assessment Teams (CATs).

The CAT which interviewed Das Williams noted that he was well aligned with issues that SBWPC ardently supports   In particular, Williams voted “yes” on AB 222 Relating to Individual Health Care Coverage for Maternity Services, and co-sponsored AB210 to extend this provision to group insurance. He supported AB 131 (Cedillo) which allows students that qualify for in-state tuition at public colleges and universities, regardless of immigration status, to be eligible for institutional financial aid awards.

The CAT which interviewed Doreen Farr noted that she is aligned with the positions that SBWPC promotes. She has worked on issues of protection of biodiversity, coastal access and water quality, and has advocated for the elimination of hydraulic fracturing, which has led to tougher county standards. She has worked to expand the Thrive program of the First 5 Commission to connect low-income families with services including child care, and her support for the countywide poverty study.

SBWPC endorses Salud Carbajal for 1st District Supervisor, Hannah Beth Jackson for State Senate, District 19 and Lois Capps for the 23rdU.S. Congressional District  ALL WINS!

At its noticed Endorsement Meeting on December 14, 2011 at the Eastside Library, three individual SBWPC Candidate Assessment Teams (CAT) presented reports on their interviews with candidates for the Santa Barbara 1st Supervisorial District race, the 19th District State Senate race and the race for the 23rd U.S. Congressional District. Each report contained a thorough accounting of the candidates’ positions on issues of particular relevance to the community and/or issues of importance to the specific race.

Salud Carbajal was endorsed by the SBWPC based on his positive impact and continued commitment to the communities he serves, particularly in the areas of health as well as reproductive health, social services, education and the environment.  He has also demonstrated ability to become familiar with issues and concerns in areas he newly serves under redistricting and has proven responsive and effective in meeting expressed needs. For example, he recently obtained a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for the unincorporated area of New Cuyama.  We are excited about our support for Salud Carbajal and what he has accomplished thus far. We look forward to excellent leadership in his next term.

Hannah-Beth Jackson was endorsed by the SBWPC based on her extensive and tireless efforts on behalf of issues concerning violence against women, the environment, education (particularly early-childhood education), reproductive health and justice.  She was previously an Assembly member for the 35th District and during her tenure chaired the Committee on Natural Resources and Environmental Safety as well as the Legislative Women’s Caucus.  Hannah-Beth Jackson is dedicated to furthering the educational and economic standing of women and their families. She not only brings experience to table, but is a passionate, capable and has a vision for the state. SBWPC enthusiastically supports Ms. Jackson for the 19th District and is confident in her abilities to lead.

Lois Capps was endorsed by the SBWPC for the 23rd District based on her dedication to women, families, veterans, health care, the environment, reproductive choice, education, housing, creating jobs and growing our economy. Congresswoman Capps has been extremely responsive and accessible to her constituents both legislatively and personally.  She supported the American Jobs Act of 2011, Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act of 2011, Military Surviving Spouses Equity Act and the Health Insurance Rate Review Act and a host of other important pieces of legislation in 2011. The SBWPC proudly stands with the Congresswoman and ardently supports her. Due to re-districting, she will likely to face a tough election cycle in 2012 as she is now in a “swing district” that extends from San Simeon in San Luis Obispo to Port Hueneme in Ventura County.

Endorsement by the SBWPC of these candidates is accompanied by financial and other support during their campaigns. The Santa Barbara Women’s Political Committee is dedicated to furthering gender equality and other feminist values through political and social action, and educational activities. As a political action committee, we endorse the candidacies of women and men who actively support our goals and promote a feminist agenda. We are also committed to taking social action against discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, age or disability