A Fund for a Feminist Future

A Seat at the Table: a Fund for a Feminist Future

A Seat at the Table: A Fund for a Feminist Future (FFF) is a dedicated fund of the Santa Barbara Women’s Political Committee (SBWPC) to promote progressive, feminist political involvement. Its goal is to increase the number of feminist women in elected and appointed office and in other positions where issues important to the quality of life for women and families are raised and discussed, policies made and legislation enacted.

FFF funds are exclusively used in two areas: campaign training and campaign contributions. FFF provides scholarships to qualified SBWPC women members interested in elected or appointed public office so they can acquire the necessary skills to conduct effective political campaigns. FFF also contributes to the campaigns of feminist women political candidates endorsed by SBWPC.

FFF is sustained by targeted financial gifts, large and small, grants and fundraising activities.

Purpose: A Seat at the Table: a Fund for a Feminist Future

For other ways to lend financial support – including sponsoring candidate events, our web site, or placing ads in our newsletter – please email us at:


FFF Scholarship

To apply for a FFF scholarship, a request must be submitted in writing to the Fund Development Committee via email at info@sbwpc.org or via mail at SBWPC, P.O. Box 90618, Santa Barbara, CA 93190-0618.

The request must include information about the program the applicant wishes to attend, a current resume, a personal statement, and two letters of recommendation.

The personal statement should address the applicant’s political goals, commitment to feminist values, what she is hoping to gain from the proposed training program and how she is going to use the training in the future.

The letters of recommendation should be from people who can speak of the applicant’s political engagement, commitment to advance progressive feminist values through public office or appointment and the qualities that would make her successful.

The application will be reviewed by the President, the Chair of the Fund Development Committee and the Chair of the Candidate Development Committee. If appropriate, an interview will be set up.

Note that the award of a scholarship does not guarantee endorsement by SBWPC.

Impressions from the Launch Event 8/26/2017