June 10, 2022

This June, Have Your Voice Heard

As we mourn those who were murdered in Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas, it is our responsibility to rise up and send a clear message that we have had enough of our failure to confront our history of racial terror and injustice, the white supremacy ideology infecting the public sphere and gun violence. We have the power of our vote. We must elect and support candidates who champion our values in our community and across the country. Vote for our endorsed candidates June 7. Encourage others to do so. The race for School Superintendent of Schools is particularly important. We need an experienced, inclusive leader with stellar credentials like Dr. Susan Salcido to lead our schools. We must also […]
June 4, 2022

Senator Monique Limon: 2021 Legislative Wrap-Up and A Look Ahead at 2022

Senator Monique Limon: 2021 Legislative Wrap-Up and A Look Ahead at 2022 December 1, 2021 (via zoom) Interviewers: Sabrina Ashjian, Dr. Rachel Aarons Mentoring and Staff Diversity: Sen. Limon shared that her former boss and one of her mentors was former SBWPC President Beth Schneider, who modeled what mentoring someone in your workplace looked like. As a result of that experience, she has gone on to mentor in her office and has multiple staff members who now serve in local elected office. The Senator also mentioned that she encourages her staff to get involved in non-profit service as a pathway to public service in elected and appointed office. Every year one of her staff members participates in the “Leading from […]
April 24, 2022

Promoting Hope

This month we celebrated Women’s History, Women Providing Healing Promoting Hope. As I was reflecting on this theme, I was drawn to Vaclav Havel’s description of hope as a state of mind, an ability to work for something because it is good.  We hold a deeply held conviction that our core feminist values matter and that, no matter what the circumstances, we will work toward achieving our vision of a society in which every person has equal opportunities, equal rights, equal access, voice and power in all spheres of society. Promoting hope requires action. We promote hope by demanding that the Senate confirm Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson as the first Black woman on the Supreme Court. Call your senator to express your support […]
February 14, 2022

SBWPC Elects New President and New Board Members

As we start a new year, let our feminist values guide us through 2022, a critical midterm election year. Our values are elemental and universal: human rights and full equal rights for all, globally and locally, equality and equity in all spheres of society. As stated in our position papers, “we will achieve our vision of a feminist society by demanding political representation that truly reflects the diversity of our communities; by influencing legislation at all levels of policy-making; by collaborating with other progressive communities; and by promoting political engagement and participation by all people.” At the core, we all share a passion for and an unwavering commitment to creating a society in which every person has access, voice, and […]