December 2023

Happy New Year!

What a year we’ve had! Looking back, we’ve accomplished a great deal in 2023 but there’s more work to be done to ensure that diverse women continue to advance in the future.

In January, the year began with our Annual Membership Event. Supervisors Joan Hartmann and Laura Capps spoke about their work on feminist issues that concern all of us. In April we were very present at a protest against the Dobbs Decision and the resulting lack of availability of the abortion pill Mifepristone.

I was honored to represent the SBWPC and stand up for women’s rights among other organizational leaders. The crowd was very large, and we all made our voices heard. The President’s Circle luncheon in March at SoHo was produced by the former Presidents. Speaker Sarah Leonard Sheahan addressed about 160 persons. Given her role as the Campaign Communications director for Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, the speaker shared an insider’s insights into the campaign and Bass’ historic win.

This year the Media Committee made a commitment to producing a new logo which is in evident in this newsletter; it signifies collaboration between groups to produce something entirely new and also symbolizes a megaphone as we seek to increase our public and political voice.

The SBWPC Committees have been active. To engage members, the Media Committee further developed the bi-monthly newsletter by:

  • expanding the Bi-monthly SBWPC newsletter to include regular sections about committee updates, resources of interest in politics/ arts/ culture, a calendar of SBWPC events, ways to engage in politics, and member news; registration for events as appropriate.
  • adding a section called “WHY?” that presents different SBWPC member’s reasons “why” they became involved in a feminist PAC;
  • acknowledging outstanding elected officials for their political leadership (politics, programs, regulations, appointments, and laws) when a change will benefit women.

The Legislative and Advocacy Committee has sent 33 letters to elected officials expressing the SBWPC’s position on policies they are considering but a more comprehensive report on L&A’s work to be presented during our Annual Meeting.

The Candidate Development committee is planning a workshop to recruit potential Candidates. The Nominating Committee has proposed a new slate of board members to include 1) new members Diana Villanueva-Hoeckley and Angie Swanson-Kyriaco and 2) returning Board members Lisa Guravitz and ej Borah. The Nominating Committee is being proactive in reaching out to identify potential Board and committee members in the community, particular in identifying groups and organizations that align with SBWPC’s mission.

The Membership Committee has been hard at work publicizing and promoting SBWPC and taking the time to ensure new members are welcomed and oriented to their Board roles.

The Elections and Appointments Committee has undertaken the path to improve the procedures for vetting candidates under the leadership of Hannah Sullivan. Under this procedure, they began with an early endorsement of Joan Hartmann.

The Fundraising Committee organized the highly successful COSMPOLITICS with our guest speaker State Controller Malia Cohen with her fiery and feminist presentation about the issues we are concerned about. She did not mince words! At the event, we unveiled our colorful new logo (see above), which received positive feedback.

At our board retreat facilitated by Dr Anna DiStefano we agreed on a set of goals for the future which will be focused on the 2024 election. We’ll be calling on you and all members to step up in what has been identified as a critical year for democracy, as well as for women. Please take a moment to consider how you’d like to be involved:

-Join a committee

-Support our endorsed candidates

-Help plan an event

-Attend SBWPC events and bring friends

-Refer potential members to us!

The SBWPC’s annual meeting in late January will feature Jackie Gardina, Dean and Chief Academic Officer of the Colleges of Law. You’ll be inspired by the energy at this annual meeting, as I always am. Stay tuned for the invitation!

There is so much work for us in 2024. Quoting from a recent article from the Center for American Women and Politics, “Increasing women’s power is a multi-site, multi-racial and bi-partisan endeavor,” and, as Hillary Clinton said, ‘We’re in this together!”