Progressive Candidates 2022 Midterm Elections



It has been said that “we must turn rage into action.” We must act NOW to undo the damage the United States Supreme Court did and will continue to do. There is only one way—to help elect a House and Senate that will make laws to restore the rights the Court took away. We can do this!

In an unprecedented move, the SBWPC Board voted to donate funds to candidates out of our area who are running for office in November.

We hope this financial commitment will inspire our members to donate—to these recommended candidates or other candidates of their choice. These are not ordinary times. It is critical that we have a House and Senate that will work to enact legislation that reflect our feminist values

Incumbent Rep. Salud Carbajal, CA 24th Congressional District, will receive $2000 for his re-election campaign. SBWPC will allocate $500 to each of four additional candidates for federal office for a total of $2,000. These pro-choice feminist candidates who deserve the support of our members and friends are:

  • Katie Porter ( running for re-election but in a newly-formed district (CA District 47) with more conservatives than in her former district. Won place on Nov. ballot in the June primary.
  • Val Demings ( challenging Marco Rubio for a US Senate seat in Florida. A tight race in a conservative state. Florida primary is August 23.
  • Mark Kelly ( Running for re-election to the US Senate from neighboring Arizona. Several conservatives running in GOP primary, but winner is a Trump-backed candidate who will have substantial funding for his Nov. campaign.
  • Lisa Murkowski ( Running for re-election as US Senator from Alaska and facing 10 other Republicans in the August 16 primary, all of them more conservative that Murkowski. She is a moderate feminist, voting for reproductive choice and for the Women’s Health Act (as well as to impeach Trump). Losing her seat would imperil legislation for women’s rights. Alaska primary is Aug.16.

The criteria for these recommendations were: strong support for reproductive rights; positions in favor of gay marriage, gun regulation, the ERA, voting rights, and other issues important to WPC; and running in a tough race but with a good chance to win. We looked at recent polls and at campaign war chests, but caution that these factors are not terribly reliable. Overall, we looked for women candidates to support, but there are a number of feminist men who also deserve support.

SBWPC has been sharing recommendations for other out-of-area candidates whose elections will make a difference. Please do what you can to work with their campaigns (visit their websites to learn how) and/or donate money).

Other Senate candidates we have recommended are: Cheri Beasley (NC), Catherine Cortez-Masto (NV), John Fetterman (PA), Maggie Hassan, (NH), Patty Murray (WA), Tim Ryan (OH) and Raphael Warnock (GA); as well as Stacy Abrams (GA) and Beto O’Rourke (TX), for Governor.

Governors and Secretaries of State are important offices, and we hope that good candidates are elected in states across the country. But in this mid-term election it is most critical that we work for a progressive House and Senate. This election YOU can make a difference.

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