Response to Siege on the US Capitol

SBWPC Members –

Yesterday, I had planned to send a communication to celebrate the Senate victories in Georgia. However, I watched the news yesterday in complete horror at the events unfolding in our nation’s Capitol. Congress convened to fulfill their Constitutional duty to confirm the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. In the midst of what should have been a ceremonial event, some Representatives and Senators planned to state their objections in a last attempt to overturn the will of the people and cast unfounded doubt on the Election.

And outside, we witnessed the sitting President of the United States incite his followers to lay siege to the Capitol. This act of insurrection led to the deaths of at least 4 individuals and terrorized Congress, Washington DC, and our Nation. I sincerely believe it was fortunate that more serious acts of violence did not take place. I have seen the images and videos of individuals wearing tactical gear, holstering weapons, flying the traitorous confederate flag, and wearing clothing bearing hateful and vile words and images. Just outside the US Capitol, a gallows with an empty noose was erected. And we saw a response from law enforcement that was a dramatic departure from the response we have seen for peaceful protests. Last year, overwhelmingly peaceful demonstrations for racial justice, to affirm that Black Lives Matter, were met with force and violence across America.

We should never forget or downplay these images or what we witnessed on January 6, 2021.

The coming days are precarious for our Democracy and the future of America. All in the midst of a serious and worsening pandemic. Below is a suggested call to action that you can take today. This President must not continue to occupy the White House. Congressman Salud Carbajal has joined the call to invoke the 25th Amendment. He could also use your message of support to pursue Impeachment if the Vice President and Cabinet do not act on the 25th Amendment. If you are not familiar with the 25th Amendment, here is a helpful NPR article with more information.

Lost in the midst of chaos, the Georgia Senate victories should be celebrated. Retaking the majority in the Senate gives us all hope that the Biden administration will be able to push forward policies and actions that will help people and save lives. We must thank the Black women leaders, especially Stacey Abrams, who have been working for years to organize, mobilize, and strategize for rights and access for marginalized Georgia voters. They should be thanked for this victory but they should also be supported all the time!

Lastly, please continue to keep yourself and your families safe from COVID-19. We must continue to do all we can to reduce transmission of the virus and to support our healthcare workers as they continue life-saving efforts in our hospitals.

In Solidarity,

Luz Reyes-Martín