Political Action in Time of Crisis

These past few weeks, we have witnessed the Supreme Court strike a devastating blow to women’s rights when it overruled Roe v. Wade, taking away our constitutional right to abortion and calling into question other rights rooted in the Fourteenth Amendment such as contraception and same sex marriage.

Other decisions issued this term have undermined gun regulations and environmental protections. It is widely expected that voting rights are next. At the same time, the January 6 Committee hearings exposed how deeply our democracy is in danger. Trump may be gone but his dark legacy is not. Many have lost confidence in our political process. Across the country, elections deniers, holding extremist views, are winning Republican primaries. State legislatures are outlawing, restricting, and criminalizing abortion, curtailing voting rights, banning books and censoring what can be taught about our nation’s history.

The only response to this crisis is a call for political action. These extremist views do not represent the majority. Kansas has shown us the power of the ballot box when it rejected a constitutional amendment to take away the right to abortion. But the political landscape has changed. The states are the new political battleground, and many are doing everything they can to suppress the vote. We must find ways to work hand in hand with those across the county who share our vision of society to ensure that our common values are represented in every state legislature and ultimately in Congress.

Our time demands bold political action. We are up to the task. In this newsletter, you will find several action items to move forward our feminist agenda here and elsewhere. I am also looking forward to seeing you in person at our August 25 Friendraiser  to continue this conversation.