This June, Have Your Voice Heard

As we mourn those who were murdered in Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas, it is our responsibility to rise up and send a clear message that we have had enough of our failure to confront our history of racial terror and injustice, the white supremacy ideology infecting the public sphere and gun violence.

We have the power of our vote.

We must elect and support candidates who champion our values in our community and across the country. Vote for our endorsed candidates June 7. Encourage others to do so. The race for School Superintendent of Schools is particularly important. We need an experienced, inclusive leader with stellar credentials like Dr. Susan Salcido to lead our schools.

We must also support progressive candidates across the country in any way we can. We cannot protect our rights without a majority in Congress and in the State legislatures. Here is a list of progressive candidates you can support. Look for an email soon with more recommendations.

We have the power of our voice.

To achieve change, we must root out the politics of fear and hatred. Let’s take any opportunity to promote our values in the public sphere be it by writing our legislators, an editorial or letter to the editor, speaking out at school board meetings or other elected bodies, or demonstrating on the streets.

We can do it together.