March 9, 2011

Lesbian Rights

The Santa Barbara Women’s Political Committee, in advocating full equality for women, is dedicated to the inclusiveness of lesbian rights as a fundamental component of that advocacy. Lesbians are oppressed on the basis of both gender and sexual orientation, and lesbians of color suffer further bias on the basis of race. Lesbians face discrimination in jobs, military service and housing, experience “gay bashing,” and have the lowest health services utilization rates. Among adolescents, gay and transgender teens have the highest suicide rate. Lesbians may lose custody of their children and are denied many social and economic benefits of legally sanctioned domestic partnerships. We strive to foster respect and understanding of lesbians’ sexual orientation and culture and to work for their […]
March 8, 2011

Pay Equity

The wage gap between women and men is one of the oldest and most persistent symptoms of gender inequality in the United States. Although women are making headway in the labor market, the wage gap has not narrowed significantly. Pay equity is therefore one of the most important issues affecting all women. The issue is especially significant to women of color who continue to suffer the brunt of economic discrimination in today’s society. We support: Increased wages for undervalued jobs held predominantly by women and minorities; Categorizing jobs by skill, effort, responsibility, and working conditions, and compensating workers at comparable wage levels; Legislation that allows the judicial branch to seek retroactive compensation for pay inequity.
March 7, 2011


“To build a healthy and peaceful world”* Since before WWII feminist women have been in the forefront of what we now know as the modern peace movement. SBWPC honors those women who dared to speak up for peace. Peace is a Feminist issue. Ninety percent of refugees are women and children. Women and children are affected most negatively by war and excessive military spending, especially those living in poverty. Excessive military spending drains vital resources from social programs that benefit families. It diverts funds that could be used for education, healthcare, and housing. Rape and sexual slavery are routinely used as tools of torture against women as well as a means of ethnic cleansing. The effects of war at home […]
March 6, 2011


Women of color are affected by both sexism and racism. The Santa Barbara Women’s Political Committee recognizes that inequitable political, economic, cultural and social conditions can breed and foster racism which in turn exacerbates the inequity. We believe that genuine equality of opportunity for all, in all spheres, is fundamental to the eradication of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance. We are committed to equal opportunities and participation for all. The work of furthering feminist values cannot be completed without examining racism and its roots. SBWPC recognizes that racism permeates all facets of society. Therefore, each Position Paper takes into consideration the challenges of women of color. We recognize that all people are hurt by a society that tolerates […]