Candidate Resources

Candidate Resources

Are you interested in running for office? If so, call us to get ready!

The Santa Barbara Women’s Political Committee offers campaign skills workshops, consultation session, and scholarships through A seat at the Table: A Fund for a Feminist Future (FFF) for feminist women member who want to make real and profound change in our community, the State of California and our nation.

Apply for a FFF Scholarship
If you would like to apply for a FFF Scholarship, please email us.

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Additional Resources


Candidate Boot Camp

Voice: Non-partisan
Training: The Basic Training course is comprised of more than 3 hours of high-quality, self-paced, online video training along with 197 pages of downloadable resources. They can be taken individually at any time. CBC offers free resources to those who do not have the budget to hire professional campaign consultants.
Free resources from CBC: A 17 page download (how to plan a campaign timeline, how to build a digital presence, a 30 point checklist, a campaign mind map containing 264 details and concepts you need to know. etc.); a sample Campaign Budget; Are You Ready to Run for Office (20 questions to ask yourself); How to Assess your Potential Strengths and Weaknesses.
e-Books for sale: How to Raise your first $500; Political Campaign Photography and Videography; Digital Advertising for Political Campaigns; Political Campaign Digital Infrastructure.

Center for American Women in Politics: CAWP

Voice: non-partisan.
Training: CAWP is a member of the Institute for Women’s Leadership (IWC) a consortium of eight Rutgers University units conducting research, education and action around issues of women’s leadership.
CAWP established NEW Leadership (National Education for Women’s Leadership) in 1991. The NEW Leadership is an intensive 6-day residential program.
Ready to Run (est 1998) is a CAWP’s non-partisan program to train women interested in running for office. Ready to Run National Network has state partners who adjust the Ready to Run model to fit their state’s political cultures. Ready to Run New Jersey features a diversity initiative: Eleccion Latina; Run Sister Run: Women of the African Diaspora Changing the Political Landscape and Rising Stars: Educating Asian American Women for Politics.
Other Resource from CAWPS: Interactive Political and Leadership Resource Map identifies resources available to women in all the states wanting to run or support candidates. This map displays approximately 50 organizations in California to help women.

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Close the Gap

Voice: progressive
Training: Recruit viable candidates for winnable district and work closely with prospective candidate


Emerge California

Voice: Democratic
Training: Emerge California has 2 training programs, one in Northern California and one in Southern California. The course is an intensive cohort-based 5 month program (spread out over two day events).
Applications for the 2019 accepted as of June 1 2018.

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Emily’s List

Voice: Pro-choice Democratic Women and counts diversity and inclusion as a key goal.
Emily’s List Latina Advisory Council is a new initiative to increase the number of Latinas in elected office.
Training Courses: Run to Win is a national recruitment and training program for candidates and campaign volunteers. Half day sessions held around the country. Free webinar and in-person trainings throughout the year. Register on the Run to Win e-mail list for updates on seminars.


Latino Victory Fund

Voice: Non-partisan. Supports both men and women with the hope to increase Latino representation. It is open to all but specifically aimed at Latinos aspiring to political office. The Latino Talent Initiative seeks to identify Latino candidates wishing to run.
Training: The Latino Leadership Development Program provides training in media, new digital tactics and campaign budgeting etc.

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National Women’s Political Caucus

Voice: Pro-choice multi-partisan
Training Courses: NPWC recruits, trains and supports pro-choice women candidates at all levels of government; offers donations and campaign training to candidates and campaign managers, technical assistance advice. Local chapters help raise money and recruit volunteers. (California has a chapter).
NWPC sponsors NWPC-certified training courses which are five part series on “How to Conduct a Successful Training” (California has a state chapter of NWPC).


Run For Something

Voice: Progressive values. Millennials who want to run for office. Run for Something will support talented, passionate young people under 35 who will advocate for progressive values.
Training: We will support people interested in running by directing them to traing organizations like Emily’s List, Latino Victory Project, National Democratic Training Committee, She Should run, Emerge, et al.
Run For Something is looking for: Millennials who will run on the following issues: pro-choice, pro-healthcare for all, pro-LGBQT equality, pro-immigration reform etc.

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She Should Run

Voice: Non-partisan. She Should Run believes that women of all political leanings, ethnicities and backgrounds should have equal opportunity to lead. When more women run, more women lead. There are 500,000 elected offices and She Should Run is committed to getting at least 250,000 women to run by 2030. Over 15,000 women have been inspired to run for office through She Should Run since the 2016 election.
Training: The She Should Run Incubator offers resources and a community to support candidates and help them overcome roadblocks on the path to office.



Voice: Non partisan. With 33,000 women trained to run for office VoteRunLead is the most diverse campaign and leadership program in the country.
Training: In person trainings available and connection with network of VoteRunLead alums. Online tools put campaign resources and live political experts within reach. There are over 60 training resources available on the website.

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Women’s Campaign Fund

Voice: Non-partisan. WCF is dedicated to increasing the number of women in office.
Training and Resources: WCF offers real-time support to candidates. WCF offers endorsed candidates research, a national network of individuals and organizations, consultant assistance.